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Priscilla Tsai is the CEO and Founder of Cocokind. Based in San Francisco, Cocokind is a clean, conscious, and accessible skincare line that empowers women. 


  • Why are we cuckoo for Cocokind? Because it’s a refreshingly honest beauty brand that’s 100% non-toxic and totally affordable.

  • Priscilla explains why being involved in every aspect of your biz, at least in the beginning, is KEY. AND she even goes so far as to cross train her entire staff. So, if you’re into hats, you can try on as many as you like at Cocokind. (Erica has a closet full of top hats.)

  • We talk about her market research strategy. Hint- it does not involve focus groups.

  • If we weren’t building a podcast empire, we’d be applying for a job at Cocokind because while Priscilla is super hands-on, she empowers her staff and does not micromanage.

  • We were left wondering whether someone should come out with a makeup line for men. And if so, may we suggest for a name, Man-up? …We’ll workshop that one.