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Megan Jones Bell, PsyD, and Chief Science Officer at Headspace, the mindfulness app that is bringing meditation practice to the mainstream.


  • Megan explained how mindfulness is about how you can apply meditation to everyday life—eating, running, parenting, listening to podcasts…ahem!

  • Headspace has played a big role in changing the cultural assumptions about meditation from burning incense and sitting on the floor like hippies, to being much more accessible to all in an everyday way. You can still sit on the floor tho. And we happen to like incense. And hippies, for that matter...

  • She has a super calm voice and we found ourselves meditating a bit on how to sound more like a doctor and less like some kooky ladies in a sound booth.

  • Headspace’s studies have shown that people are nicer to strangers when they meditate. We invented an imaginary meditation subway car that plays Headspace throughout your commute. You heard it here first. Trademark that shit.

  • TM = transcendental meditation. This is a mantra-based practice, NOT a mindfulness practice, but equally cool and impactful. Om shanti.

  • Meditation can be like a vitamin or an Advil. Thanks, Advil; but we prefer preventative care around here.

  • She reminded us that practice does not make perfect, which is the whole point of meditating; it’s about the practice – you’re not meant to perfect it. EVER. This is great news for type A’s!