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Arul Goldman, holistic health expert on everything you wanted to know about colonics but were afraid to ask. 

There is a lot of confusion around this cleansing practice, but we sat down with Arul and got to the bottom of it. Here is some of what we cover in this episode.

  • Arul has amazing hearing. At the age of 13, she heard a voice come from her hamburger – while she was eating it! That voice said, “you can never eat me (or my friends) ever again,” and just like that, POOF, she became a vegetarian.

  • Her best friend in high school taught her how to be bulimic and abuse laxatives. With friends like that, who needs ENEMAS?

  • Because she’s a super thoughtful person, she figured out how to be happy after making the mind-body connection. She posed this simple question: How can I be happy mentally and emotionally if I physically feel like shit? So simple. So genius. Enter colonic therapy.

  • Not only was she the first to open a colonic therapy center in NYC that actually felt like a spa, she can say words like butthole with a COMPLETELY straight face. Total pro.

  • SanaVita offers a variety of services beyond colonics, including coaching, bio feedback, and lymphatic drainage therapy. One-stop shopping to help you literally get your shit together.

  • She is comfortable, completely vulnerable, and brings her whole self to the table, which is SO refreshing and inspiring. We think those qualities make for a good and well-adjusted human.