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We’re back with another Z&E special minisode! This week and next week we’re sharing our personal experiences with what we like to call a wellness wake-up call.  You can be doing everything “right” and still not be focusing on the right things, and unfortunately sometimes you have to learn that the hard way. This week Erica tells the story of when her stomach exploded (yep, literally). After multiple doctors failed to diagnose a stomach ulcer, she wound up in emergency surgery in the nick of time and is grateful to be able to share the story now. The irony is that she felt like she was living her healthiest life at that point, but it just goes to show that wellness is not one size fits all--you have to know what’s right for you.   We finish our talk with how you have to be your own doctor, even before you have a health issue.


Erica talks about...

  • Celebrating every November 1 as her “rebirthday” to acknowledge the night that everything changed

  • The series of misdiagnoses and treatments that made everything worse

  • Spoiler alert--the perils of Advil and OTC medications and the natural treatments you can use instead

  • The blessing in disguise which was beginning a new meditation practice, starting acupuncture and reflexology, and learning how to pay closer attention to her body