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Today we’re talking to Andrew Shearer from Farmshelf. Not so fun fact--in the US, most of the food we eat is grown 1500 miles away. Farmshelf is reducing food miles and making it easy to grow fresh food all year round by building smart indoor farms for restaurants and hotels. Farmshelf is a plug and play product--it even includes cameras to track the plants’ growth and create time lapses for education and social media. As their business expands, Farmshelf is creating partnerships with schools and other organizations to help more people grow food where they live, work and eat. 


Andrew Shearer talks about...

  • How he got interested in growing his own food while working at Pinterest

  • How he’s a maker at heart--in college he built a rock climbing wall that he could collapse and hide from his landlord

  • The craziness of shipping food across the country

  • The need for food production to increase by 70% by 2050