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Cynthia and Jamie are the co-founders of Stix, a company that makes the experience of buying and taking a pregnancy test a comfortable experience for women. Stix pregnancy tests are home-delivered in discreet packaging. No more running into your nosy neighbor at the drugstore or having the cashier all up in your business. 

Jamie and Cynthia talk about...

  • How they started Stix after having terrible experiences buying pregnancy tests - Cynthia actually ran into her boyfriend’s mom!

  • Pregnancy tests and tampons locked up at stores mean you have to ask somebody to unlock them (totes humiliating!)

  • The pink tax--why there’s a movement to eliminate the tax on tampons and other NECESSARY feminine products while dudes get their stuff tax free

  • How traditional pregnancy tests are locked in the dark ages of marketing--hullo, not everyone wants to see pictures of babies on the box

  • Smart tips on when and how you should take a pregnancy test