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Chef, Author, Wellness Expert, and Cyclist Seamus Mullen


Today we spoke with Seamus Mullen, an award-winning chef who is also an author, speaker and cycling enthusiast.  He doesn’t sit down a lot.

He showed us some pretty sweet videos of an epic battle with a sturgeon on a recent fishing trip.  He won even though he had to pee the whole time.  Then he told us another story about having to pee during a bike race.  Maybe Seamus should drink less water.  Or launch a new underwear for athletes--Peeformance Wear?  Urine The Home Stretch!

He had some seriously gnarly health issues for far too long.  From RA to a tumor, meningitis, and several near-fatal bike accidents.  He might actually be a cat.

He’s a fierce advocate for understanding your own body and learning how to listen to it.  His body spoke softly but carried a big stick.  Luckily he was able to heal himself through food, supplements and the wizardry of Dr. Frank Lipman.


His fantasy dinner party should get a James Beard award.