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Fighting stigma about sexual pleasure is all in a day’s work for Alex Fine, co-founder of DAME Products. She believes fully that a good vibrator can improve someone’s life, but first we need to address the shame that we associate with sexual pleasure, and all the other fun cultural hangups that are holding this conversation back. 

Alex talks about...

  • Her early days in this biz--she started making sex toys at home and got her friends to try them out in front of her.  She has good friends. 

  • How she and her co-founder teamed up to make toys they couldn’t find on the market

  • Dame is currently suing the MTA subway system for reneging on a deal to run her ads even though the MTA runs ads for erectile dysfunction medication, breast augmentation, and the Museum of Sex. Ahem.

  • The state of porn--how some is good, and some is really just not

  • The current state of our sex education curriculum in schools

  • Her favorite sex toys

  • Her fantasy dinner party as you might imagine, is quite fantastic