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Today our guest is Nick Marsh from CHOPT Creative Salad Company. CHOPT is all about changing people's perception of what a salad can be, setting mouths on fire and resetting the nation’s palate. Tune in for this truly fascinating, colon-friendly conversation about the fast casual food landscape and how much salad in America has changed since CHOPT opened its first location in 2001.


Nick Marsh talks about...

  • What he puts in his salad

  • The origins of CHOPT

  • How to change people's perception of what a salad can be

  • How much the culture and mindset of food has changed in the past two decades

  • How the mission of CHOPT is to get Americans to eat better and eat more vegetables

  • The challenges of selling healthy casual meals in an industry designed to meet the needs of traditional fast food

  • Options for making healthy food more accessible to people on low incomes