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Jennifer Sun is the founder of Sun For Soul, a brand rooted in Chinese medicine. She joins us to talk all about adaptogens and the amazing nut butters she has created to deliver powerful Chinese herbs in a delicious way. The inspiration for Sun For Soul comes from Jennifer’s dad, who’s been an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor in New York for 35-plus years. Jennifer grew up drinking all different types of his herbal remedies and was inspired to make Chinese medicine more accessible by combining some of his popular herbal blends in fun and yummy products.

Jennifer Sun talks about...

  • How she wanted to use her father’s expertise to create fun products that introduce some of the basics of Chinese medicine.

  • Her Sprouted Almond Butter which helps to increase energy, and her Matcha Pumpkinseed Butter to cleanse the liver.

  • How Chinese herbs support acupuncture treatment.

  • The Chinese medicine diagnostic process (tongue readings!)

  • Her journey from working in the pharma industry to bringing her vision to life.

  • Why you need expert advice rather than buying random herbs.

  • How she defines adaptogens--elements in nature, food, herbs and teas that readjust your body in the way that you've unbalanced it.

  • How to diagnose if your body is naturally overheated or heated after certain meals, just by looking at your tongue.

  • How to use the Chinese horoscope calendar to assess what you need.

  • Her evening routine, which helps her check in with herself.

  • Different types of dried mushrooms and how they help to balance your yin.