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This week we have an absorbing and in-depth discussion about supplements with our friend and trusted functional medical practitioner Dr Zandra Palma.   It can be so confusing wondering what supplements we need to take to boost energy and health, and which ones are pure marketing bullsh*t. And even the ones to avoid altogether!  We think you’ll get a lot out of this week’s discussion.

Dr Zandra Palma talks about...

  • Busting supplement myths -- there is no one supplement prescription for everyone.

  • Evolution and the concept of toxins and cleansing. We don’t eat as diverse a diet as we used to, and that’s why we need help clearing out the crap!

  • Folic acid vs methylated folate--this is a biggie, listen closely. 

  • How science shows that multivitamins are often the absolute least effective supplements.

  • The essential Vitamins A and D. 

  • The value of organ meats and their essential vitamins.

  • Sunlight and Vitamin D--it’s an individual assessment.

  • We’re all deficient in magnesium, mainly due to modern farming practices.  Magnesium comes in a variety of forms, which run a range of benefits. 

  • Our adaptive environment and probiotics.

  • The microbiome, why it's so important to have a healthy gut and targeting the right probiotic for you.

  • Gut bacteria, heartburn and reflux--the perfect storm

  • Good old fashioned Vitamin C.