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Today we talk with special guest Dr Josh Axe. Not only is he a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and Chinese medicine, he’s also a regenerative farmer!  He’s very easy to chat with and very happy to give us the benefit of his amazing knowledge. We loved talking to Dr Axe and we think you’ll get a great deal out of this episode as well. Plan to pause and take notes.  Enjoy!

Dr Axe talks about...

  • The benefits of a Keto diet.  Spoiler alert--here’s a guy who speaks up that Keto is not for everyone and is only designed for short term use.

  • Keto for weight loss but also for brain focus.

  • Keto is not just about butter--healthy fats and vegetables should play a big role.

  • The final word on Atkins vs Keto.

  • Insulin imbalance.

  • Keeping stress hormones low and their impact on Keto 

  • Intermittent fasting and its role in all diets, Keto and beyond.

  • Hippocrates and “heal thyself”. How your body heals itself.

  • What’s in his own daily regimen, and what’s NOT--hint: bad news for pork and shrimp lovers.

  • The astonishing healing compounds of turmeric and rosemary.

  • Good news for lectin-avoiders: sprouted rice!

  • His deep knowledge of Chinese medicine 

  • What your tongue will tell you about your health.

  • Should you eat before or after a workout?

  • Which meat to eat?

  • His regenerative farming methods.

  • Veganism and replacing meat as an athlete.

  • Collagen and skin health.

  • Liver as an iron supplement.