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In this episode, we talk to author, attorney, podcaster, speaker and generally cool chick Heather Hansen. In her book The Elegant Warrior, Heather highlights the importance of being your own advocate in health as well as in other areas of our lives. She discusses compassion and empathy but also the key role that trust plays in our wellbeing, specifically the kind of trust we place in our medical practitioners. This is big stuff.  We loved chatting with Heather and think you’ll get a great deal out of this episode as well.

Heather talks about…

  • How to learn to ask the right questions as an attorney and in life.

  • She started out working in medical malpractice and quickly realized that the skills learned in the courtroom are pretty much universal life skills.

  • What is an Elegant Warrior?

  • Trust between physician and patient has been proven to be key to good health

  • The stress of medical malpractice trials.

  • Trust and credibility.

  • Trust and placebo studies.

  • Trust, Empathy and Compassion--notice a theme here?  It’s TRUST.  

  • Learning to object and how to overcome objections, particularly for young women.

  • Teaching people, particularly young people, to advocate for themselves.

  • The principle of The Curse of Knowledge

  • When you know that it’s time to object, do so!