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We’re back in the booth with Dr Morrison, this time on the funky issue of mold and all its associated health risks--what causes it in homes and buildings, how it presents in the body, and the tests available to find out if you have it in your home and the treatments available. BUT not all molds are created equal!  There’s plenty of room to enjoy the good kind (hint: beer and cheese) once you know the difference. Have a listen to the wise Dr Morrison. 

Dr Jeffrey Morrison talks about...

  • Good vs bad mold.

  • How changing building methods to drywall post WW2 encouraged mold development.

  • Many people don’t realize the extent of mold damage in their home.

  • Testing kits aren’t adequate but check out the ERMI test.

  • Mold exposure and linked inflammation problems.

  • Mold toxicity symptoms mirror poor gut health problems.

  • How does stress affect the inflammatory response for fight or flight.

  • Cleaning up the diet--this is a no brainer...

  • Mold toxins. How to rid the body of them.

  • Using feeling to release the emotional response.

  • The use of childhood antibiotics.

  • Some happy news--the benefits of good mold.  Yay, mushrooms!

  • Difference between fermentation with mold and fermentation with bacteria.