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We are thrilled to have Alisa Vitti back on the pod, this time on the magical maddening world of menopause. Self-care makes a huge difference in navigating this journey, but the conversation often goes unaddressed.  Alisa takes the time to shine a light on this most important — and often misunderstood — aspect of women’s health. 

We talk everything, from when menopause *actually* begins (spoiler alert), to taking care of yourself at every stage of the cycle, and Alisa’s brilliant philosophy that biology always sets us up to be the best version of ourselves. PREACH! And yes, we get into menopause and sex and get Alisa’s take on maintaining libido to enjoy sex at all stages of life.

We love talking to Alisa, as her advice is always super actionable on a personal level. Menopause is not a scary word, we need to talk about it more comfortably. Listen up to hear what we mean!


Alisa Vitti talks about…

  • The difference between perimenopause and menopause. How to track whether or not you are post-menopausal. This is important to understand how best to care for yourself.

  • Menopause starts at 35!

  • The stages of menopause (as a guide) from your 30s through your 50s

  • Reducing menopausal symptoms (and PMT) by taking care of yourself in the correct way.

  • The degree to which you take care of yourself while still in the hormonal cycle is the indicator of how well you’ll be when post menopausal.

  • Keeping track of your PMS symptoms and understand which phase you are currently in.

  • How a female’s sex drive usually increases as she grows older.

  • A study that shows women who eat oily fish and legumes at least twice a week, may lengthen the time in their perimenopausal time by up to two to three years.

  • The essential role self-pleasuring plays in the ability to maintain sex drive during the hormonal cycles.

  • The difference between orgasm and climax.

  • The importance of B complex vitamins, other supplements and superfoods that can set you up for success

  • MANOPAUSE is real--how men also suffer their own hormone slowing.

  • Adaptogens rather then synthetic hormones to help men.

  • Changing our thinking on menopause. After all, we don’t judge puberty the same way!

  • Postmenopausal, you have great advantages you be the best person you can be. Biology sets you up to be a better version of yourself as you move through your life cycle.



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