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Today we are sitting down with Elly Truesdell, the CEO of Canopy Foods. Canopy Foods is providing infrastructure, production and expertise to power the next generation of unforgettable foods and enduring brands– they are the evolved co-packing company that your food business needs to know. And even if you’re not in the food biz, but just the business of eating food– take note!

Elly has built her career from over 9 years at Whole Foods Market, and offers expertise in brand development, food trends and product innovation. She now sits on the Board of Canopy Foods, as a mentor to FOOD-X and the Chobani Food Incubator, and acts as advisor to Almanac Investments. In our conversation today, we talk all things startup and food manufacturing. Elly shares the weird things she keeps in her fridge, what it was like working with brands during her career at Whole Foods, and how pumped she is about jackfruit.

If you’re a food business looking for the low-down on co-packing, listen up as Elly Truesdell talks about...

  • Where to develop products when you’re a company

  • Growing and scaling your brand through retailers

  • What Canopy is doing to set themselves apart + change the co-packing game

  • Where the plant-based movement is going

  • New food categories that she’s excited about