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If you’re even remotely similar to us, then breaking the monotony of everyday is essential, and traveling to far away places is just the ticket.  Oof, travel pun… Anything that shakes up the routine allows you to take a step back and appreciate it in a new way. Well, today’s guests are doing just that– Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba, the founders of Fathom, are here to get our travel juices flowing.  There’s truly no cure like travel.

Pavia and Jeralyn have created a spectacular brand by offering travel tips, tricks, and wanderlust articles accessible to all through their award-winning content platform and now their first book, Travel Anywhere--it’s all about traveling like a local, not a tourist. In our conversation today, we talk about the balance of traveling well but not breaking the bank or eating questionable street meat, and we play a game of rapid fire travel questions for extra inspo.  Bonus--as you can imagine, their fantasy dinner party is next level.

If you’re ready to hop on a plane to anywhere, listen up as Pavia and Jeralyn talk about...

  • What Fathom is + how Dailycandy started the newsletter buzz

  • Reacting and directing your life

  • Why Fathom became a real thing

  • How wellness has found its way into travel to offer something for everyone

  • Forest bathing (just listen) + unplugging

  • Putting down your damn phone and enjoying the ride

  • Travel rapid fire Q & A