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We’ve got a special mashup for you today because we’re featuring two interviews in one episode. That’s right; two episodes in one, two awesome founders, and two incredible companies that we know, love, and support.

AdrinAdrina, Gem + Bolt co-founder (the company that fulfills all of our mezcal dreams) joins us in the first interview. Carly Stein, the founder of Beekeeper’s Naturals– AKA the woman who is keeping our colds at bay– joins us for part two of today’s double header. Though it may not seem like these companies compliment one another, we assure you we are the living proof that they do.

Too much Gem + Bolt mezcal got you feeling a little under the weather? Use a little Beekeeper’s Naturals throat spray to perk you right back up so that you can enjoy more mezcal!

Both of these founders have serious passion for their products; listen in to learn more about the wonders of mezcal, and the healing properties gifted to us by the bees...

  • AdrinAdrina + her co-founder being outlaw babies- literally.  

  • Opening up a speakeasy to unofficially study their products

  • The story of mezcal

  • Altars become art bars at their hugely popular and very special events

  • Tequila and mezcal ARE different

  • A lifetime of having to avoid antibiotics led to Carly getting sick overseas and discovering the magic of propolis

  • Deciding to become a beekeeper + creating products for herself

  • Talking a massive risk to start her company

  • How the Beekeeper’s Naturals hive is taking over your medicine cabinet

  • Why vegans are supportive of Beekeeper’s Naturals + creating change in the industry