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Don’t you just love to crack open a can of something refreshing on a nice spring day? Our guest today, Bill Creelman, made us fall back in love with sparkling water. He is the Founder and CEO of Spindrift… maybe you’ve heard of them?
Spindrift is known for their “that’s it” slogan, because all that’s in their bubbly beverages are water and real fruit. We adore Bill and all that he creates, and talking to like minded entrepreneurs is always fun for us. In the conversation today, Bill shares what it’s been like for him to create forward-thinking companies, and the transitions of selling his first company.

Grab your favorite Spindrift and listen in as Bill Creelman talks about...

  • Bill’s early stages of dipping into entrepreneurship

  • The lessons that Bill learned early on

  • Overreacting in their Spindrift game plan

  • Transitioning from glass to cans

  • What the heck ‘natural’ flavors are

  • How Spindrift innovates in the flavor game

  • Advantages and disadvantages of being the OG mover

  • The different beverage categories and trends

  • Entering your product into the marketplace


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