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In 2019, we vote that it’s time we start being more honest with ourselves about our understanding of the way money works, and how we can make it work for us. Nicole Lapin is on today’s episode, makin’ it happen. #sorrynotsorry

This girl is a force; she’s an established *cough* New York Times Best-Selling *cough* author, writing books like Boss Bitch, that help women feel empowered, open, and honest about their finances. She has also created an online financial wellness education platform, The Money School. Nicole has created a kickass sisterhood with both of her books and online community– she wants women to feel confident with their money and their money decisions, and we’re all for it.

Today, Nicole breaks all of our money stresses and questions down, from relationships to taxes, to reframing your mindset, and beyond. Everyone needs a little bit of Nicole Lapin in their lives in order to feel that much more financially well, so listen in to this one.

Ready to stress less and spend smarter? Listen up as Nicole talks about... 

  • How we are Rich/Boss Bitches

  • Financial infidelity + anxiety  

  • The “when I get there” rabbit hole

  • An embarrassing story about the language around money

  • Financial losses and navigating them

  • Reframing your financial mindset

  • To raise money or not to raise money, that is the question

  • The illusion of entrepreneurism

  • The Money School & The Boss School