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Paige Bourassa, Licensed Acupuncturist and Founder of Shen Medicine.

We sat down with Paige to discuss the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine. Paige is super nice. We think it’s mainly because she’s Canadian. Here’s some of what we cover in this episode: 

  • Her interest in Chinese medicine started early, when she was one of the only white kids in a predominantly Asian school in Vancouver and most people had great-grandmothers living with them. That made us jealous. For a great-grandmother, and also for all the delicious after-school snacks she probably got. That made us think about dumplings.

  • She reminded us that acupuncture treats men for infertility as well. C’mon guys, it’s just the tip. Just do it.

  • We drank some mezcal. We think it loosened up our Chi.

  • She thinks the number one thing we can do to improve our lives is sleep more. That sounds like some ancient wisdom right there.

  • She explains why acupuncturists look under your tongue. Hint: it’s not to see whether or not you're lying about your, ahem, lifestyle habits.

  • We are all superhighways and acupuncturists are the Chi traffic controllers.

  • We did NOT cover the correct spelling of Chi. Or is it Qi?