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Today we are talking all things booze with our lady crush of a guest, Dr. Zandra Palma. If you’re a drinker, like us, we want to uncover as many tools as we can when it comes to consumption, and getting the opinions of a medical professional sounded like a great place to start. We cover a lot about the effects of alcohol, what to drink, red vs. white, sugar content, and beyond. Sure we know the old addige, “beer before liquor, never sicker,” but after this conversation with Dr. Zandra, we learned a lot more.


Dr. Zandra Palma is a physician practicing within Parsley Health, with a background in Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Anesthesiology. After an apprenticeship with a Zen Buddhist monk (as you do), Dr. Palma wrote her thesis around Contemplative Care, integrating mindfulness-based practices into the care of terminally ill patients.


So grab a glass of vino, or organic mezcal harvested by virgins, and listen as we talk about…

  • The gamble of leaving anesthesiology for the unknown (at the time) world of functional medicine

  • What mezcal is, and why Dr. Palma makes it her drink of choice

  • Physiology what is going on when we are drinking alcohol

  • Gaba supplements and what they do for us

  • Cheap wines and why we need to pay more attention to wine quality

  • Sulfites: what they are and why they affect us differently

  • Allergies, sensitivities, and secret gluten

  • Red wine vs. white wine and how bubbles get you drunker, faster

  • Dr. Palma’s top hangover cure + foods for a hangover

  • Switching between spirits

  • Long term risks involved with alcohol consumption + how much we should/shouldn’t drink

  • Health benefits of alcohol