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Amy Parker and Gina Pell are the creators of The What, the best thing to come to your inbox since the spam folder. The What is a clever list for curious people delivered every Wednesday, lovingly curated by these two BFFs on a mission to spark intellect and whet appetites.

And these two girls are dot com OGs! They started their previous company, Splendora, all the way back in 1999 and then sold it in 2011. But this time, instead of building an internet empire, they’re just trying to spread the love; what they loved learning about in the past week, a friend that’s so badass they’re impossible not to love, and anything else that fills their heart with joy.

Get ready to learn what’s what...

  • Riding the dot com bubble with Splendora

  • The greatest thing to happen in their careers

  • Taking your own advice

  • The What List was conceived like any other baby: with a little bit of wine and a great night

  • Liquor in the front: another great business idea?

  • Creating the first The What Summit in 2018

  • Amy + Gina’s #1 metric for success

  • Why these girls love engaging with their fans in Facebook groups over other social media channels

  • Getting women involved with helping other women