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Rachel Krupa is the Founder of The Goods Mart, which is pretty much what you’d get if 7-11 and Whole Foods had a baby.

In other words, The Goods Mart is a better-for-you, socially conscious alternative to the modern convenience store. They’re making higher quality options easily available, curating over 350 mission‑driven products (so far) that are not only delicious, but also healthier and better for the environment. They’ve balanced accessibility with planet-friendliness, purpose with design, and curated the best possible products for a range of budgets to create a feel good convenience store experience unlike any other.

From tasty treats to entrepreneurship to reality TV, this episode is stocked full of goodies...

  • You can’t spell “The Goods Mart” without “Good Smart,” Also bonus: you can’t spell “homeowner” without “meow.” You’re welcome.

  • How much The Goods Mart has grown in less than a year

  • Our mixed feelings on the new, better-for-you tampons

  • Is socially conscious convenience the wave of the future?

  • Rachel’s winding business journey: interning for the MLB, waitressing, working for Lizzie Grubman, & becoming an entrepreneur

  • How Rachel accidentally became a reality TV star before reality TV even a thing

  • Growing into her role as a role model (and the badass women who were her role models)

  • Making the most of a lunch break & other ways we treat ourselves