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Tero Isokauppila is the Founder and President of Four Sigmatic, a Finnish-American superfood expert and 13th generation farmer who grew up foraging mushrooms and is now bringing their adaptogenic magic to everyone.

Mushrooms are among the most studied things in the world – and from every breath you take, to your favorite fermented beverage, to the pharmaceuticals that save our lives, mushrooms play a silent but vital role in our daily lives.

The conversation is so often impenetrably scientific or insanely vague that it’s laughable, so today, we get to the root (or mycelium) of things and figure out what’s up with these ancient but transformative gifts from nature...

  • What we should all know about non-psychedelic mushrooms, beyond the ones you might find on a pizza

  • What an adaptogen is and how it helps your body

  • The non-Anglo Saxon history of mushroom consumption

  • Why Anglo Saxon culture (might have) lost their connection to mushrooms

  • Men hating on women’s skills

  • The difference between psychedelic and non-psychedelic mushrooms (and the first time we took mushrooms)

  • Beer, wine, cheese, and other things that require mushrooms

  • The pharmaceutical industry of sickness

  • Achieving peak performance

  • How the Chinese running team won a 1993 world championship by eating Cordyceps

  • Making tasty drinks with mushrooms that replace coffee, but still give you energy (and more sustainable energy)

  • How Four Sigmatic is approaching education

  • Sitting in the company of a direct descendant of Santa Clause

  • Tero’s new book, Santa Sold Shrooms


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