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Amy Duncan is the plant whisperer, wellness warrior, and fearless leader behind Mowellens, a CBD oil wellness brand and community. Amy’s passion for plants grew after helping her husband battle a malignant brain tumor in 2012. She witnessed the healing power of cannabis firsthand – both for him and for her. When this passion combined with Amy’s experience in biotechnology and healthcare, Mowellens was born: a lab-tested, high terpene, pure, natural, cannabis product range that provides results you can see and feel.


You’ll understand our girl crush when you hear Amy’s inspiring story, and you’ll learn so much that you never knew about the healthy benefits of CBD...

  • The challenges of taking a year off to support her husband’s dream, being a St. Louis Cardinal, and then starting her own career in healthcare. Amy did everything from medical device sales to running a biotech laboratory, where they worked on genetic sequencing and testing before, ultimately, becoming a cannabis testing lab.

  • How Amy took what she learned in the laboratory to found Mowellens and help her husband after his brain cancer re-emerged in Fall 2016.

  • Why the non-psychoactive nature of CBD makes it the perfect healthy habit for today’s adaptogen-seeking, self-care-focused world & a great holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals.

  • The difference between what you smoked in high school and the CBD in the natural medical products produced by Mowellens – or why cannabis, THC, hemp, and CBD aren’t all the same thing.

  • When you might want to use the different products in Mowellen’s line: Inner Peace edible nano CBD blend, Lit From Within edible CBD superfood oil, One For All topical CBD wellness oil, The Keeper’s Stash hemp enhanced honey, & Dream in Green whipped CBD infused body souffle.

  • The stigma that still exists around CBD products of all kinds, and how it all stems from misinformation, prejudice, and ignorance.

  • How consumers can tell the difference between CBD products they can trust and products that are just riding the trend and cutting corners.