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We sat down with Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of Tenoverten nail salon to talk non-toxic beauty and how her original idea to elevate the NYC manicure experience evolved into something much bigger. We should also mention that Nadine was a week away from giving birth during this episode…and her nails looked great. 

  • We start with the story of Tenoverten and then zoom out to clean beauty in general. Almost immediately, Zoe gets on her soap box about how toxins are in everything, specifically, chemical flame retardants in our furniture, infant car seats, etc. Somebody get this girl a CBD lolly.

  • Like all great ideas, Tenoverten was born out of necessity. If you want a beautiful, non-toxic mani-pedi experience that doesn’t break the bank and takes the environment into account, ya gotta do it yourself.

  • We get to the bottom of this new cryptic language being used across polish brands: 3 Free, 5 Free, etc. 10 Free refers to the top ten toxic ingredients that are NOT in the Tenoverten polish formula. Yeah, we’re lookin’ at you, Formaldehyde. 

  • Erica is nail shamed after admitting to her former gel habit. Nadine assures her it’s going to be okay and that Tenoverten welcomes recovering gel addicts who want to start over – they call their gel removal process nail rehab. Erica is 90 days clean.

  • We discover that TSA is a pain point for Zoe. She opts out of “that cancer machine” every time she goes through airport security. Erica wishes she could opt out of traveling with Zoe. #MyBodyMyChoice.

  • Know this: Manicure is Meditation


For more context on why what Tenoverten is has done is so impressive, this New York Times article that blew the lid off the NYC nail salon industry.