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Robyn Youkilis is the Founder and CEO of the global health coaching practice, Your Healthiest You. She is a digestive health expert and author of Go with Your Gut and Thin from Within.

Poor gut health stalls fat loss, creates hormonal havoc, leaves you feeling exhausted and zaps your overall health. Health coach and author, Robyn Youkilis gives us hands-on, easy-to-implement strategies to restore our gut and become abundantly healthy. We talk about emotional eating and how to reconnect with our bodies – hint: this involves not only nourishing but actually listening to your gut; It is after all, your second brain.  

We love Robyn because of her bedside manner – she’s a combination of health expert and your good-advice-giving girlfriend. She’s talks about fermentation just as easily as she talks about flatulence. It’s all good. No need to be embarrassed people. 

Obsessions with weight, diet, exercise and even health have become a part of everyday life for most Americans. Robyn explains how to change your relationship with food and your body, and start listening to and nourishing your gut. 

  • Here we go again with the gut health! We just can’t talk about it enough and neither can Robyn Youkilis. We have so much in common! 

  • The first thing we clear up is that, despite her last name, she is not Greek—she’s Jewish. Zoe thought she was going to have a new Greek BFF, but, alas.

  • Hippocrates – also Greek – said all disease begins in the gut. Good thing it’s only thousands of years later and we’re just now revisiting this point. Geez.

  • We talk about how 90% of your serotonin – your brains happy hormone – is produced in YOUR GUT. 

  • Should I eat that cupcake? Robyn would answer: What’s your gut say? We would answer: Robyn, if it’s, say, our birthday, can’t we just eat the cupcake and stop listening to that backseat driver? Just for today.

  • She explains how to ferment your own veggies – it’s super easy. Promise. 

  • We cover emotional eating and how at one point, Robyn could not have a jar of peanut butter in the house. She’s since let PB move back in and they’re now getting along great.