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Co-Founder and President of Nutrafol Roland Peralta

Nutrafol is the Neutraceutical wellness company that is addressing hair wellness as part of a whole-body healing process. Roland has had his own incredible health journey, battling rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid cancer, losing his hair in the process, and learning that the happiest side effect of using botanicals to treat his ailments resulted in a healthier head of hair. And Nutrafol was born.

Truth: We have NOT been paid or compensated in any way to talk about the merits of this product. Although we totally should be. We are just legitimately excited about all that it can do, and Erica has personally experienced huge benefits from it. So yes, we totally should be paid. But we are not. 

Here's some of what we covered in our interview:

  • Roland is a biohacker by hobby. Umm, perhaps we should re-think those hours spent on tennis lessons…

  • When his friend and later Co-Founder Giorgos, a former male model who had struggled for years with hair loss and the effects of the pharma products to treat it (ahem…Giorgos was NOT living the life of the romance book covers he so clearly inspired…), he approached Roland, knowing he could do the research, and together the two took action to take back their hair.

  • Roland’s grandfather was legit a medicine man, aka a “white witch” doctor so it’s not totally surprising Roland plays well with plants. Better he got those genes than the hair genes, which as we discovered, are kinda bullshit. 

  • Also bullshit? Biotin. Sorry, Mom…

  • The Nutrafol formula is made from a long list of botanicals that can address everything from gut health to hormone balancing to stress. Better hair is almost just a happy side effect, and who doesn’t want to be that happy?

  • Nutrafol isn’t just about what comes in the pill. They have a team of health coaches that offer support—they can conduct strand tests that provide equally and sometimes MORE comprehensive data than those panels of bloodwork that leave you weak and pukey…with ONE strand of hair.

  • For extra mazels: they just won Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award AND Best Hair Loss Prevention in The 2018 Esquire Grooming Awards!