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Founder and CEO of Hungryroot Ben McKean

Founder and CEO, Ben McKean built his plant-centric, nutrient dense empire, Hungryroot, amidst an overcrowded meal kit delivery category. Learn how he navigated having to shut down his business for 6 months during a major growth spurt. Don’t call it a comeback.


  • Ben came to this town with a spiralizer and a dream. Budding entrepreneurs: This episode is for you!!! 

  •  He gets into the inner workings of Hungryroot and what it really takes to run a successful food and beverage company. Hint: “You can’t fuck up with food.” 

  • His two older brothers told him he “knew nothing about business.” And in true youngest child fashion, he proved them wrong by starting not one, not two, but three very successful businesses by the age of 32. Nah nah, na nah nah. 

  • He built his empire around plant-centric food delivered to your door, but he tells us that sometimes, all he really wants is to Netflix and chill with a deep-dish pizza and the Obamas.  “Everybody’s got a dream!” Or is it: “Everybody’s gotta dream”? 

  • He may or may not pivot and get into politics at some point. Black Bean Brownie Batter for President! (Would be a lot easier to digest than our current situation)

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