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Latham Thomas, Founder of Mama Glow, author, doula, and maven of maternity lifestyle.

Latham is a doula and the founder of MamaGlow, the ultimate destination for women who are looking for a stand-in-your-power-I-fucking-got-this birth experience. Whether you are searching for the perfect doula, a great prenatal yoga class, one-on-one personal guidance or spiritual support even AFTER baby arrives, MamaGlow has you covered.  Latham is a two-time best-selling author of Mama Glow and OWN YOUR GLOW. A graduate of Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Latham serves on the TUFTS University Nutrition Council as well as their board for Entrepreneurship.

  • She tells us the ONE thing you can try to instantly feel better. We agree.

  • Best advice ever: mother yourself.

  • She explains the true role of a doula – she’s like a producer for your birth – mapping out the run of show and makes sure shit gets done.

  • Her birth story is a good one – her ancestors showed up to help her push.

  • Latham is from Oakland, which is called Oakland because of all the Oak trees. (Were we the only ones who didn’t know that?) Oh, and she can HEAR plants and their vibrations.

  • …and because of the Oak trees in Brooklyn, Zoe is a mouth breather throughout the entire episode. Damn you, allergies!

  • As a culture we’re doing a crap job at supporting postpartum women. Understanding and supporting maternal mental health is critical.

  • Mama Glow holds a globally recognized doula immersion program attended by women from around the entire USA and 6 continents! Stay tuned for their 2019 Doula program in a city near you - visit