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Jason and Colleen Wachob, Co-Founders of MINDBODYGREEN, the wellness lifestyle business that got its start in media.

This week we’re turning the microphone on two of our favorite podcast hosts to hear THEIR story, for a change. You’ll get a peek inside the world of two of the most influential members of the wellness world—they bring us the news, the ideas, and the experts through their platform, and they walk the walk every day—they don’t even aim for work-life balance, it’s all about work-life integration for them.

  • After a grueling career in finance, Jason dreamed of going out on his own, but his startup cookie crumbled when he realized he didn’t want to be in the CPG food world after a brief stint in the snack biz. Cookies, to be exact. 

  • A college athlete and a fellow member of the extra-long jeans club, he suffered from a variety of physical ailments but traditional medicine failed him. His aha moment was when his health status changed from the walls of the Palm Steakhouse to the Walking Yogi of San Francisco

  • Colleen was a forward mover in her own right—a California girl who was born to be active, she wore leggings on the subway when one did not wear leggings on the subway.

  • It all started with one guy in a room, writing content. This labor of love didn’t happen overnight, but within a few years grew to 10M monthly views. Did we mention this one guy LOVES coffee?

  • The mindbodygreen ethos is about bringing content to their ginormous community by working selectively with influencers and experts who come from a place of real authority and credibility, not just the insta-famous.

  • They live together, they work together, they drink margaritas together and they’re even invited to each other’s fantasy dinner party. #couplegoals

  • These two have relationships with their contributors that run deep—they often vacation with @tarastiles and @bewell’s Dr Lipman. Guess no one’s dancing on the bar on that trip….

  • Zoe tried hard to pry it out of them, but they were excitedly discreet about some product plans coming in January—it’s definitely not granola. We’ll drink to that, if anyone’s offering.