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Founder of HBFIT Hannah Bronfman

  • Hannah started trying on the entrepreneurial hat a young age, and she tells us how she decided to get on her own Highway to Well following the loss of her beloved grandmother.

  •  She and her equally adorable husband Brendan are social media superstars together, and their stories and pics of their vacations (or sometimes just their staycations) are inspiring and FOMO-inducing.  And they keep it real--Hannah doesn’t have many boundaries—but do not film her without a cute filter and only on her good angles, please.

  •  She has a head tat.  Of a dragon.  We think Brenden should also consider a head tat – of a crouching tiger. 

  •  Changing from nightlife to corporate event DJ was a game changer for her work-sanity balance.  It opened the door for her to the world of marketing, and from there, a digital mogul was born.  

  •  She has some of the best ideas ever for how to set the proper vibe for a fantasy dinner party, or even a regular dinner party. Soundtrack and all.

  •  Also re: her dinner party menu, thankfully we can all agree: no fruit in salad, please.  Unless you’re having salad for breakfast…, which is totally becoming a thing.