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CEO of FounderMade Meghan Asha

Meghan has always said that BluePrint was a big source of inspiration for her to create something from the ground up.  She’s pretty amazing with a compliment.  For her next act, she can be Founder and President of the HTW Podcast fan club. 

 Just like us, Meghan has been on every side of the table in building businesses.  But when we told her that even after you successfully sell your company, it’s still possible to have your down days and your moments of self-doubt, she looked worried.  Better she hears it from us

Meghan was leaving the studio to run a marathon in Patagonia.  She decided to run a marathon in every continent by her 40th birthday.  She says she’s not a runner.  But we are ACTUALLY not runners and we know the difference.  Girl can run, but she can’t lie. 

 Part of her earlier business involved ironing inspirational quotes onto gift bags for an event, a process which she admitted to genuinely enjoying.  It’s the simple pleasures…speaking of simple pleasures, we better check out Lupe’s Kitchen in LA to figure out what really makes her tick.

 We asked her to describe her experience creating FounderMade in five words or less.  She used four and fucking nailed it.   Iron that on.

 As part of our rapid fire Q&As, we heard from Barry’s Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzales, who also seems to be obsessed with chicken nachos.   Clearly we have missed the boat filled with Mexican chickens.

 Michael Bumgarner from Cannuka is making incredible skincare products using Manuka honey and CBD, kinda like two great tastes that taste great together.  Except don’t eat it. Just put it on your skin and let the magic happen.

And Bill Creelman from Spindrift imparts a bit of his business wisdom (#bizdom?) to share the best and worst advice he’s gotten as he has built his empire of sparkling beverages using real tasty fresh juice (not that creepy natural essences stuff). 

Let the inspiration begin!