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  • Naturally Sassy is an online platform and now an app, with a range of options including ballet-based workouts and cookery guides. Do you like how we said "cookery" there? Does it make us sound fancy? Sassy is British and we'll just say it -- #accentgoals

  • An ex-ballerina who always had an interest in food as fuel, she learned how to listen to her inner voice when it was time to transition from Career Plan A to Plan B. B does not stand for Ballet.

  • She is the youngest entrepreneur we've had the pleasure of connecting with, and by applying the discipline she learned as a dancer to her business endeavors, has quickly become an inspiration to her vast community.

  • We did vocal/verbal warmups by attempting to sing “Guns and Ships” from Hamilton. It did not go well.

  • We hoped to learn some Ballet Blast moves from Sassy but sadly, she had to leave right after the interview, so we did our own interpretive dance, also to Hamilton

  • All this to say, Sassy has accomplished a tremendous amount at the ripe age of 20, yet she remains totally grounded. Must be all those pliés.